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Totemic Universal, LLC began as an agency specializing in creative brand management and IP licensing in the San Francisco Bay Area, but serving a diverse clientele has us traveling the world and making friends!



Representing clients in Asia, Europe and the Americas, exploring the intersections between art, design and commerce- our destination has become the journey itself!


Sunlight circa 2012

Sunlight and Totemic, Shenzhen China c. 2009



Totemic and Karto Oy at BLE 2014

Karto Oy (Finland) and Totemic at Brand Licensing Europe, London England 2014



Totemic and Premium Licensing at BLE 2014

Premium Licensing Srl (Italy) and Totemic at Brand Licensing Europe, London England 2014





Totemic Show Team at Licensing Int’l Expo dinner, Las Vegas USA 2014




Magnet Handicraft Team

Magnet Handicraft, Guangzhou, China 2013




Hi Design Lucky Bag Totemic at ILM Offenbach 2015

A Hi Design (Czech Republic), Lucky Bag (Russia) and Totemic at ILM Offenbach, Germany 2015



HouYu and Totemic at Hong Kong Fashion Week 2009

HouYu (China) and Totemic at Fashion Week, Hong Kong 2009


Members of Clothworks (USA), the Laurel Burch Family Trust and Totemic, Mill Valley USA c. 2011


Totemic Manila Bum Lucky Bag in Sochi

Manila Bum (Russia) and Lucky Bag (Russia), Sochi Russia 2015



Premium Paper at Paperworld 2016

Premium Paper SpA (Chile) at Paperworld, Frankfurt Germany 2016



These relationships and this journey were the impetus for launching the Totemic Distribution Network Alliance (T-DNA).  In it we are uniting IP owners, designers, agents, manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers to empower creative brands with global foundations and market exposure.

We invite you to join us as we embark on travels both temporal and geographic.  Across every Totemic channel (including this blog) you will find that in a new initiative we are identifying these journeys with links and tags for further exploration.

So come along!  Encounter the people and places that make our creative collaborations not only possible but so very enjoyable!

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