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About Us

Totemic Brands is a boutique licensing agency representing high-profile art brands with global reach. Through our creative consultancy practice, artists, designers and creatives engage Totemic to facilitate brand innovation, development and licensing program management in the areas of:

Publishing . Home/Garden . Apparel/Accessories . Craft. Children . Pets

We endeavor to deliver maximum visual impact, emotional appeal and consumer acceptance – all while practicing a skilled adherence to predetermined schedules and budgets.

After all, a compelling story is the kernel from which a brand is developed, and more than anything else, quality brand history begets brand equity. The practice of identifying these facets and nurturing them from a nascent state to develop and harness long-lasting brand equity may rightfully be referred to as a form of alchemy.

As a boutique agency formed by art property licensors striving for a level of excellence uncommon in our industry, we wield a clear and precise understanding of client needs.  When appropriate, we partner with other firms to co-conceptualize and facilitate naming, brand identity design, environmental branding, product, packaging, and campaign design – all facets of a cohesive brand strategy.

Understanding an artist’s position, employing our marketing expertise, strategic planning and intuitive design capabilities, we strive to provide our clients with the most viable brand development programs in the marketplace.

Our Team