FAQs - Totemic Brands


Here we provide brief answers to a variety of questions that come up frequently.

What is the responsibilities of a licensee?

In general, a licensee is responsible for the following:

  1. The licensee sets licensing goals and establishes objectives
  2. The licensee develops and maintains a licensing plan (minimum cadence: annually)
  3. The licensee engages with prospective licensors
  4. The licensee develops, manufactures and markets licensor-approved products
  5. The licensee monitors the marketplace for signs of counterfeit goods related to the licensed IP
  6. The licensee delivers royalty reports and payments to the agent/licensor

As an agent, what roles does Totemic play?

Totemic engages with its clients, including artists and licensees (manufacturers/wholesaler/retailers) and in some cases, distributors, in the following areas:

  1. Totemic specializes in strategic licensing program development and management
  2. Totemic develops key licensee/licensor relationships
  3. Totemic negotiates license agreement terms and conditions
  4. Totemic is responsible for negotiating its agency representation agreements
  5. Totemic works closely with artists to develop licensing assets
  6. Totemic administers royalty and commissions programs
  7. Totemic can handle a variety of client-side operational needs