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Studio Totemic™ VSP Announced

June 26, 2016 Katrina Storyweavings , Studio Totemic , , ,


Totemic Universal, LLC is becoming a Vertical Solutions Provider (VSP), rolling out new services designed specifically for art brand cultivation and monetization.

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Alongside Totemic’s core business of licensing program development and administration, Studio Totemic™ now offers clients a proprietary end-to-end artisan production and marketplace commerce solution.  From product design through development, production, sales and distribution — all processes revolve around and extend brand tenets.

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Artists operating within the licensing industry now have access to vertical integration strategies to generate revenue while building brand equity.

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Studio Totemic™ VSP is already producing new marketplace opportunities.  Here is a preview of the Laurel Burch Art of Living Home Collection. Beginning with wall decor, this is the first Studio Totemic™ project.

Laurel Portrait_Living Space

Artist and designer Laurel Burch in her Sausalito, California home circa 1998


A glimpse of the our artisanal production process in which all relief is carved with hand tools.

Ocean Songs in Studio

“Ocean Songs” wall decor ready to emerge from the workshop.

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Visit the new Studio Totemic™ Etsy Shop !  Learn more about Laurel Burch.  

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