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Rating guidelines

February 27, 2014 admin

As an initial step, you shall enter as a preferred partner but based on agreed timelines we together shall evaluate your response on the following and determine a course of action to move up the levels:

Each of the below criteria are given points based on verifiable facts. The information provided by partners shall be legally appropriate, verifiable and tamper proofed information.


Customer Satisfaction by Third party
5, Else 2

Achieved a CSAT rating of 80% and above
5, Else 0

Achieved a CSAT rating of 90% and above
+ 10

Revenue generated in financial year >1M USD in US or 0.5M USD outside US
5, Else 2

Provided verifiable client database
10 (Mandatory)

No non-compliance based on contract
10 (Mandatory)

YoY increase in client reach > 50%
5, Else 0

Added a new product line
5, Else 0

Added a new geography, region for sales expansion
5, Else 2

Represented Totemic in Expo, Show along with visible brand logos
10, Else 5

The rating shall be done every 6 months and based on the year end points the partner shall be awarded with the level that is appropriate. The year end points calculates shall be the basis for awarding the partner level, whereas the 6 month rating shall provide a road map to achieving the desired level and maintaining it.

To be a preferred partner: Points to be achieved is a minimum of 31

To be a premium partner: Points to be achieved is a minimum of 60

Once a partner has reach a premium partner level, continuing to sustain that position shall entail the following benefits:

  • A flat 10% discount on all purchases that are above $20,000 in total order value (not cumulative)
  • A paid hotel and flight trip to LIE or any other show within the destination country. For example if a partner is in China, Totemic shall pay all expenses once the partner has arrived into USA for the LIE show at Las Vegas.
  • Regular promotional offers that are released by Totemic

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