Tide Hellmeister

Sao Paulo, Brazil


Tide Hellmeister (São Paulo, Brazil, 1942 – 2008)
In a time when the only technology that prevailed in the visual arts was talent, Tide Hellmeister was one of its most recognized representatives. A precursor to collage in the country, he made of scissors a work instrument and his hands a means of expression.

A master of cutouts and painting, mixed with text and types that perhaps only he could decipher. Tide had a gift for transforming simple white paper into singular figures, mostly formed by the conjoining of seemingly disparate images into a harmonious whole every bit as impressive as today’s digital photomontages.
Tide was a graphic designer, illustrator and artist all at the same time. He was a cover artist for cutting edge books as well as hit record covers. He was instrumental in creating the Jornal da Tarde, news media that revolutionized journalism in Brazil. For seven years, he partnered with journalist Paulo Francis, illustrating the Diário da Corte (Court Daily), published in the Estado de São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro’s O Globo newspapers. Commenting on their partnership, Francis once said he did not know if the illustration framed the column’s text or vice versa.

A tireless worker, Tide produced numerous pieces featured in a multitude of award-winning publications and exhibitions. These many works earned Tide high honors during his lifetime and will provide future generations the opportunity to experience his mastery.

Main Exhibitions
1973 – Descoberta do caracol – Galeria SESC SP
1977 – A Operação Plástica de Tide Hellmeister – Galeria Arte Aplicada – SP
1979 – Decolagem – Galeria Paulo Figueiredo -SP
1980 – Com a Cara e a Colagem – Kate Gallery – SP
1983 – Collages – Galeria Debret – Paris – France
1989 – Um Tide – 30 anos de grafismo e colagem – Galeria Toky – SP
1994 – Obras Públicas – SESC Pompeia – SP
1996 – Sobretipos – Escola Panamerica de Arte – SP
2000 – Colagens, Uma aventura Tipo Gráfica
2006 – Colagens – Inquieta Colagem – Museu Oscar Niemayer – Curitiba
2009 – Brava Gente – Rio, Salvador, Brasília e Sao Paulo – Caixa Cultural

Main Honors and Awards
1964 – Book Biennial of Mexico – Best Cover Artist.
1966 – Leo Award Argentina – Best cover artist.
1973 – Sao Paulo Association of Art Critics – Best visual programmer of the year.
1993 – Second Brazilian Design Biennial – Curitiba – Award in Excellence for Illustration.
1994 – Sao Paulo Association of Art Critics – Graphic Design.
2000 – São Paulo Association of Art Critics – Best exhibition in graphic design for his solo show Collages – A Typographic Adventure at the prestigious Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paul