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We are pleased to announce the opening of the Studio Totemic™ Etsy Shop!

Just in time for the occasion, Studio Totemic™ presents the Laurel Burch Art of Living  and Fantastic Felines  wall décor collections.  Produced from the paintings of celebrated California artist Laurel Burch, these hand-carved and beautifully painted collections were developed by Studio Totemic™.


Laurel Portrait_Living Space

Laurel Burch in her Sausalito home circa 1998.






These exquisite pieces feature reliefs that are hand-carved.  Atop the carved contours, silver and or gold foil is then applied.  It is through this step-by-step process that the colors of Laurel’s dazzling palette, hand-painted by brush, come to life.


Swan Goddess Carousel

Laurel Burch The Swan Goddess  wall decor (detail)



Celestial Birds Carousel

Laurel Burch Birds from the Rainbow Forest wall decor (detail)



Moroccan Mares Carousel

Laurel Burch Moroccan Mares wall decor (detail)




Laurel Burch A Bunch of Love wall decor

Visit the Studio Totemic™ Etsy Shop to see the Laurel Burch Art of Living™ and Fantastic Felines™ wall decor collections!






Laurel Burch: artist, designer and artisan.


LB Square

Laurel Burch, Cairo circa 1978


In Laurel Burch: artist, designer and artisan, we explore Laurel’s thirty-year history of artisanal collaboration, how it influenced her as a popular designer, and how it continues to inform the Laurel Burch brand today at Totemic.


Ocean Songs in Studio

Ocean Songs™ wall décor.


95 med

Laurel trying her hand at cloisonné in Taipei circa 1980.



Women’s artisan collective, Ubud circa 1989.



IMG_1380 med

Inspired by Laurel (and nature) in the Guangzhou carving studio.


Laurel in her Sausalito, California studio circa 1987.

Laurel in her Sausalito studio circa 1987.


Look for Laurel Burch: artist, designer and artisan in the next edition.






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