Utopia Joe

Guthrie, Oklahoma


“As an Oklahoma artist, Joe Bohrer has brought super-heroes to life for Marvel Comics, designed shoes and written ad campaigns for L.A. Gear, developed video games for Virgin Interactive, and landed Design Star appearances on HGTV. Joe’s creative diversity has soared beyond the borders of the red-dirt state through Product Development, Brand Licensing, Film Production, Published Comics, Entertainment and Fine Art.”
-Oklahoma Today

Joe was chosen as an official Creative Ambassador to represent the Oklahoma Creativity Launch, alongside Olympic Gold-Medalist, Bart Connor and Congressional-Medalist Astronaut, Thomas Stafford. In an effort to promote world-renowned creativity and culture, the initiative involved Joe producing a TV show devoted to his mad skills in creative design, which quickly became the most popular locally-produced show on PBS.

“Joe’s creative process is methodical. He is part painter, part engineer, and all genius. His pre-conceptualization process is as thorough as it is comprehensive, and by the end of it, he has “seen” every detail in before any paint actually hits canvas. A steampunk mix of hardcore artistry.”
-Art Beat Magazine

“Joe’s Designs look like Japan or New York. The only thing that says Oklahoma is his accent.”
Jonathan Skogmo
Producer, HGTV

My mother encouraged my creativity and always told me, that I was way ahead of my time. My father encouraged good grades and always told me to get a haircut. Passion without practice was never allowed. So I was taught to dream, but to always back it up with deadlines. And it’s that unique dichotomy, banging away in my head, that drives me to take an idea, sketch, artist, venue, event, song, or message to the next level with a huge, walloping punch.